Welcoming Dylan Warren to GREMAP!

We are excited to welcome new team member Dylan Warren to GREMAP! Dylan is a medical student at Ohio University and will be collaborating with us on a project studying how burnout among providers affects diabetes-related stigma. The project will utilize the University of Michigan HomeLab and is led by Dr. Weidi Qin and Dr. Kevin Joiner from the School of Nursing.

Here are some words from Dylan about his interest in diabetes research and how he came to work on this project with us:

“The program that connected me with the project is the NIDDK, which stands for the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. It is organized/hosted by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, however, there are 16 universities who take part in the program, including the University of Michigan! The program is funded by the NIH and helps connects medical students between their 1st and 2nd years, or 2nd and 3rd years, with researchers working in the areas of diabetes, hormone action, physiology, obesity, etc. Really, anything related to the diseases listed in the name of the program!

I was put onto the program by the Office of Research at Ohio University (my home university). I majored in nutrition in undergrad at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Not only did we talk a lot about diabetes, digestive diseases, and kidney diseases, I also have specific interest in these areas!”

Welcome to GREMAP, Dylan!