Dr. Mezuk speaks at conference on depression and pre-diabetes


Dr. Mezuk was an invited speaker at a two-day workshop at McGill University in Montreal, Canada on “Depression and Pre-diabetes: A call to action.” The conference was hosted by Dr. Norbert Schmitz and involved speakers from around the world, including (pictured left to right) Dr. Larry Cimino, Director of the Dialogue on Diabetes and Depression, Dr. Mika Kivimaki, Professor at University College London and Director of the Whitehall Study; Dr. Michael Kyrios, Professor at the Australian National University; Dr. Laura Rosella from University of Toronto School of Public Health; Dr. Paul Ciechanowski, Professor at University of Washington; Dr. Frans Pouwer, Professor at University of Tilberg in the Netherlands; and Dr. Lorian Taylor from Alberta Health Services. More information about the conference is available here.