GREMAP members presenting at APHA

The work of several GREMAP members will be presented at the 2015 American Public Health Association annual meeting in Chicago (October 31 – Nov 4). Presentations will include:


November 1

Sociodemographic disparities in informal caregiving intensity in the United States: Results from the new National Study of Caregiving
Steven A. Cohen, Sarah Cook, Lauren Kelley and Lindsey Hall


November 2

Predictive Factors of Diabetic Foot Screening Rates in the United States
Trisha Sando and Steven A. Cohen

Do functional mobility and activity of daily living deficits after a cerebrovascular accident influence the referral to physical and occupation therapy?
Trisha Sando and Steven A. Cohen

Geographic variation in rural-urban obesity rates in older adults: Evidence from a national survey
Steven A. Cohen, Lauren Kelley, Sarah Cook, Julia Foutz and Trisha Sando

Diabetes Causation Beliefs among Latinos with Type 2 Diabetes: “That’s the key to a little bit of understanding between the doctor and the patient”
Jeannie Concha, Sallie Mayer, Danielle Avula, Briana Mezuk and Karen Bunn


November 3

Ethnic Identity, Education, and Diabetes in Adult Latinos: Evidence of Ethnic Identity as an Underlying Mechanism of the Latino Health Advantage
Jeannie Concha, Briana Mezuk and Kristen Kelly