Dr. Concha joins research team


Dr. Concha is a public health researcher with a specific interest in psychological well being and diabetes prevention in ethnic minority and marginalized populations. She received her PhD in public health from the University of Illinois at Chicago, an MPH from the University of Texas Health Science Center, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Texas at El Paso. Dr. Concha’s research interest in psychological well being and diabetes first began after hearing several people with diabetes share similar stories about their struggle with stress and diabetes management. It is because of these stories that Dr. Concha has worked toward studying the impact of psychological distress on diabetes outcomes and the cultural meaning of stress and diabetes in Hispanic and Latino populations. Her previous work experience includes academic quantitative and qualitative research, managing non-profit community oriented diabetes education and prevention efforts, and conducting diabetes community resource and needs assessments.

Dr. Concha proudly joins Dr. Mezuk’s research team in investigating the socio-cultural, psychological, and behavioral pathways that effectively reduce the burden of type 2 diabetes and promote the integration of mental health services in diabetes prevention and health care.