Dr. Concha’s Paper Accepted for Presentation at the 14th International Conference on Social Stress Research

Dr. Concha’s paper, “Stress and coping among African Americans at risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus: A conceptual application for the Environmental Affordance Model using preliminary findings from the Stress and Sugar Study,” has been accepted for presentation at the 14th International Conference on Social Stress Research. The conference will be held in Vancouver, B.C. from June 7-9th. Congratulations, Dr. Concha!

GREMAP team members, Julia Foutz, Kristen Rice, and Dr. Mezuk, contributed to the research, along with Dr. Tiffany Green, Assistant Professor in the VCU, School of Medicine, Department of Healthcare Policy and Research, and Dr. Paul Perrin, Assistant Professor in the VCU Department of Psychology.