The Richmond Stress and Sugar Study is funded by a grant from the American Diabetes Association (1-16-ICTS-082, PI: Mezuk).

There are substantial social disparities in type 2 diabetes in the US. Racial/ethnic minorities and persons with low socioeconomic status are more likely to develop diabetes than other groups. These disparities do not develop as a result of any one factor, but instead reflect the confluence of environmental, psychological, social, and biological factors. However, few studies have high quality data on of these levels of exposure, particularly in samples that can address questions about disparities. RSASS is unique in that it has data on neighborhood context, psychosocial factors, and objectively measured stress reactivity, all within the context of a racially- and socioeconomically-diverse cohort of adults at elevated risk of developing diabetes. This will allow us to address questions of how stress contributes to diabetes disparities in a multi-level, comprehensive manner.

Richmond Stress & Sugar Study Team

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Publications related to this project

Reconsidering the role of context in diabetes prevention. Ethnicity and Disease, 2017; 27(1): 63-68.

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Is stress the link between diabetes and depression? Diabetes Forecast, May 2017.