Lauren Edwards, MPH

Lauren Edwards, MPH

MPH, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 2012

Research Interests/Current Projects:

Lauren's research interests include psychiatric epidemiology, specifically investigating anxiety and its effect on the risk of type 2 diabetes. Overall, she has always been interested in mental health and how it affects physical health and well-being.

What brought you to VCU and/or Public Health:

Lauren has always been interested in how mental health and physical health are connected and how one aspect of health affects the other. Working on a team in undergrad that promoted a safe, healthy, and positive alcohol environment on campus also really helped her see how behavior affects one's health and well-being. Lauren researched VCU because she knew they had a great public health program, and she also wanted to continue investigating questions related to mental health. Dr. Mezuk's research platforms really interested Lauren, and so she knew that she wanted to be a part of her research team at VCU.

Hobbies or an interesting factoid:

Lauren enjoys running half marathons and watching reality TV. She is the only left handed person in her family.

Where are they now?

Epidemiologist, Virginia Department of Health