Graduate Certificate, Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Georgetown/George Mason University, 2016
BS, Chemistry/Pre-Med, James Madison University, 2012

Research Interests/Current Projects:
My research interests involve utilizing interdisciplinary mixed methods to examine how various social and economic factors impact the epidemiology of chronic illnesses, such as Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension, in rural and underserved populations.

What brought you to VCU and/or Public Health:
My ultimate goal is to become a primary care physician in an underserved population and promote positive health outcomes for all within the community. Through various experiences with close family members, I realized there was a great opportunity for me to further educate myself and my loved ones on chronic illnesses that overwhelmingly exist in our communities. The opportunity to gain meaningful research experience and work with Dr. Mezuk at VCU presented itself at the perfect time in my life.

Music, socializing with friends, great movies, serenity.