Allison Delaney, PT, BCC

MPH Candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 2018

MA, Theology, Catholic Theological Union, 2014

BS, Physical Therapy, University of Florida, 1999

Research Interests/Current Projects:

Allison has always had an interest in holistic healing which honors the complexity of our physical, emotional, social and spiritual selves.   Her research interests include spirituality and healthcare, and more specifically, the process whereby patients and family members make meaning/cope with a serious illness. She is interested in doing qualitative and quantitative research that links meaning making and medical decision making in the hopes of guiding interdisciplinary teams to provide more holistic care.

What brought you to VCU and/or Public Health:

The Public Health program offers the best opportunity for integration of wisdom across disciplines to meet the complex challenges of providing holistic healthcare today.

Hobbies or an interesting factoid:

Playing tennis, learning how to grow vegetables, and hiking in nature.